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Ready to go all in on All Hands? Start here.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, All Hands meetings really matter. (Looking for a good All Hands template? We’ve got you.)

Done right, All Hands meetings are a huge value-add: they provide a touchstone for teams to connect, share knowledge, and re-center on the company’s mission and values. They reinforce norms and routines, provide a sense of community, and are a regular focal point for team culture. Everyone looks forward to a good All Hands. 

A bad All Hands, on the other hand? The less said, the better. (But in case you’re wondering: 1) Expensive. 2) Bad for morale. 3) Big waste of time.) 

At Gatheround, it’s our mission to make sure you never host a bad All Hands. Here’s how we ensure an exceptional All Hands every time: 

Interactive features designed for engagement

  • Seamless presentation mode with multiple layouts and picture-in-picture to keep audience attention
  • Simple, moderated Q&A’s at the push of a button: collect submissions from the audience, allow upvoting and commenting, and moderate as you go.
  • Curated recaps that include video recording, conversation data, and activity details for anyone who can’t make the meeting


Ready-made All Hands templates

Whether you’re bringing the team together to reflect on recent goals, review financial data, or celebrate a milestone, we have you covered. With eight (and counting) distinct formats, we have the right All Hands template for your team. 

  • Check out our tried and tested All Hands Meeting, the foundational All Hands agenda every team needs. 
  • Need something more specific, like a retro, town hall, or business review? Explore our full suite of All Hands templates here

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 11.20.15 AM

Facilitation tools that make your life easier

Gatheround empowers hosts with snappy, polished facilitation that only looks like it took weeks to plan. 

  • Effortless breakout rooms. We automatically group people who haven’t matched recently or can match specific sub-groups. Prompt cards in the breakout keep people talking and focused even without a facilitator present. 
  • Built-in turn-taking for participants. The Group Share feature lets anyone speak by joining a queue. Everyone gets equal time, people who have spoken less recently are first in line, and we automatically pass the mic to the next person (so you don’t have to.)
  • Attention-grabbing presentations that keep audience focus. Picture-in-picture keeps you connected to your audience, while fullscreen and side-by-side room layouts make it easy for participants to follow the action 


Participation for everyone

With over a dozen ways to take part, everyone has a voice in a Gatheround meeting. 

  • Reactions: Light up the room with reaction animations
  • Chat: Keep the conversation going in the chat
  • Polls: Gather input with surveys and pulse checks
  • Video backgrounds: Toggle on audio and video, and select a background 
  • Ask a Question: Submit questions for Q&A or source thoughts from the crowd
  • Many more ways to join in!


Book a demo today! Or jump in and get started now.