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Great businesses are built on company culture.

In a world of endless meetings, we’re growing farther apart. 

Company culture is underrated and underestimated. On the surface, it sounds like — and often gets dismissed as —  meaningless corporate-speak: “Company culture is the beating heart of our organization and a critical manifestation of our mission, vision, and values.” Well, yes, actually. But let’s de-jargon it. 

Company culture is the social fabric of an organization

Social fabric is the network of relationships and norms that connects a group of people. It’s what allows us to cooperate and work towards a common goal. As vague as the concept of company culture might feel sometimes, we won’t get anywhere without it. In fact…   

Without social fabric, cooperation crumbles and things tend to go downhill

Teams today are under pressure. We’ve experienced a generation’s worth of massive workplace transitions compressed into just a few years, coupled with a volatile business climate. Organizational culture has taken a hit.

  • Today, just 2 in 10 US employees feel connected to their organizational culture, according to Gallup
  • Weak culture hurts every aspect of a business. A recent study on workplace attrition found that cultural factors like uncaring leadership, unsustainable workload, and lack of meaningful work are among the top 5 reasons people quit their jobs.  Meanwhile, researchers at Columbia Business School found an overwhelming 85% of North American executives say that ineffective culture can lead to corporate misconduct.
  • Conversely, companies with strong corporate culture reap the benefits. 

    Culture Partners found that companies with strong cultures enjoy 17% higher productivity, 20% higher sales, and 21% more profitability than peer organizations with weaker cultures.

To build (or rebuild) company culture, we believe workplaces need to radically transform the quality of the time that employees spend together. 

Synchronous time together is where relationships and norms are forged. But odds are, your last Zoom meeting didn’t exactly feel like a wellspring of compelling organizational culture. Many teams today are meeting more, but connecting less.

At Gatheround, we unlock the potential of meetings by making team time more engaging, more structured, and more intentional. But we also believe that meetings are just one aspect of a growing movement towards better and stronger organizational culture across all workplaces. 

That’s why we’re introducing Unmute, a blog about the future of company culture. 

New research emerges every day exploring collaboration, flexible work, employee engagement, and other topics near and dear to the Gatheround mission.  

We’ve spent years helping remote and flexible organizations of all sizes — from lean start-ups to the Fortune 500 — think differently about the time they spend together, and we want to share what we’ve learned (and continue to learn!)

Work is changing. Want to keep up? Unmute has...  

  •  Insights into the latest developments in company culture and team meetings
  • Thought leadership and analysis centered on social connection in the workplace
  • Product updates and news from Gatheround, video conferencing that brings people together. 

Ready to start transforming your culture? Book a Gatheround demo now or start a conversation with our team.