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Gatheround raises $8M in Series A funding, betting big on flexible work

Gatheround, a video meeting platform, announced that it has raised $8M in a Series A led by Slack Fund, with participation from E14 Fund and Gaingels, and continued support from Homebrew, Bloomberg Beta, Higher Ground Labs, and Designer Fund. The latest round of funding brings Gatheround to a total of $12M raised to-date.

Gatheround strengthens culture and improves collaboration through interactive, structured virtual meetings, and is the preferred meeting tool of flexible teams like Calendly and Gusto. To date, nearly 500,000 people have used Gatheround to attend 87,000 meetings and participate in 2.5 million breakout conversations. 

Gatheround is making an educated bet that the evolution of flexible work is just beginning, and that better social infrastructure is the key to productive and innovative work, starting with how teams meet. 

Gatheround is committed to unlocking the potential of remote and hybrid work, and is reinvesting the latest round of financing into growing the platform and expanding its features, capabilities, and content to meet the exploding demand for a next generation of meeting and culture tools. 

“We’re all in on flexible work,” says CEO and co-founder Lisa Conn, who sparked an expansive online conversation about gender equity and flexible work after a photo she posted nursing her then-newborn during a video meeting went viral.  

“We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of what distributed teams can do with the right tools. Remote and hybrid teams are already more engaged and more equitable. Gatheround is the final piece of the puzzle: a meeting platform that reflects the social dynamics that give in-person interactions their collaborative magic. Not only are engaging meetings a good business practice, they’re also essential to shared team culture and norms. Teams and companies equipped with those strong, healthy social ties are unstoppable.” 

Gatheround is the first tool of its kind to unlock the natural rhythm and dynamic of a group for the virtual workspace. It brings participants together to collaborate and connect in a shared meeting space, structured by a modular, configurable agenda. Each element is designed for interactivity and equitable participation, with over a dozen ways to take part. 

“Gatheround is a game changer,” says Michelle Azizzi, Head of Talent Experience & Enablement at Gusto. “I can create inclusive, memorable moments with a few clicks. It’s beautifully designed, and easy to navigate.” 

Gesche Haas, Founder & CEO of the community Dreamers & Doers, says, “To say we're obsessed with Gatheround is an understatement. It’s even more fun and impactful than most in-person meetings.” 

Kevin Lee, co-founder of immi, describes Gatheround as “the breakthrough in remote culture we’ve spent years searching for.”

Gatheround’s investors see the company as a linchpin tool bridging two urgent needs for flexible teams: a high-impact meeting platform that drives business outcomes and a lever for social connection that bolsters the team dynamic.

“We came to see Gatheround as a tremendously helpful platform for today’s workforce. It brings remote teams together for high-impact meetings, at scale and in the flow of work, to build culture and increase engagement,” said Jason Spinell, Partner at Slack Fund. 

Ineffective team meetings cost companies an average of $25,000 per employee per year. By supporting both team culture and productivity via the single lever of a well-run meeting, Gatheround’s customers make a dual investment in the financial health of the organization. Strong team connections are linked to higher rates of employee engagement and retention, stronger customer satisfaction, and greater profitability, in addition to better workplace safety records. 

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