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The 8 All Hands templates every remote team needs

Why start with an All Hands template? If you’ve ever been part of a virtual All Hands or All Staff meeting, you know that these meetings have a big impact on internal communications and employee engagement.

Gatheround knows how to make a remote or hybrid All Hands meeting engaging and interactive. Our suite of All Hands templates is designed to meet every team's unique needs, supporting a successful internal communications strategy and ensuring a great remote All Hands meeting every time. 

One of Gatheround's All Hands templates in action.

Why use Gatheround's All Hands templates?

“All Hands” means different things depending on your organizational culture and the purpose of the meeting. Having a well-defined remote or hybrid All Hands template suited to your team's objectives can simplify the planning process.   

All Hands templates for ever scenario

At Gatheround, we’re equipped with virtual All Hands templates for everyone, from the 20-person startup looking to conduct a retrospective on their last big project, to the 200-person enterprise that needing a Town Hall meeting to introduce a leadership transition. 

Gatheround's library of All Hands templates.

Quick Overview of Our All Hands Templates Suite:

  1. All Hands Meeting: This essential template has everything you need for a virtual All Hands, including lighthearted icebreakers, ready-made Q&A activities, and dedicated presentation times. 
  2. All Hands Retrospective: This template is ideal for a company-wide review of a recent project or milestone as a collective. It focuses on collaborative learning and improvement. Lots of nuance; no blame-games. 
  3. All Hands Town Hall:  Make time for big questions. This template focuses on Q&A to support internal communications. Use it for moments of acute transformation and routine check-ins to take care of your team culture.
  4. All Hands Fireside Chat: This template provides a relaxed, friendly setting for team members to ask questions and share honest feedback with senior leaders.
  5. All Hands Business Review: Give the entire team a snapshot of the business. This template provides a framework for sharing high-level business insights, including strategic planning, financial forecast, and KPIs. 
  6. All Hands Cross-Team Sync: This template breaks down silos and improves collaboration between teams with a structured agenda for sharing work and building relationships.  
  7. All Hands Celebration: Make time for fun! This  template is designed to celebrate milestones, encourage socializing, or keep the energy going after a big meeting.  
  8. All Hands Pulse Check: Bring the whole team together to check in. This template is all about strengthening workplace relationships for greater well-being and employee engagement.

Ready to Elevate Your Next All Hands Meeting?

Put our All Hands templates to the test and start planning your next meeting today!


Still not finding what you need?  It’s easy to edit a template to meet your unique needs. Or, book a demo to discuss custom content options with our team.